About Us

About Us

Why Bortek?

We are at your service with our advanced technology solutions!

Our company has the largest business size, machine park and production capacity in Turkey.

Bortek, which accepts the resources of our domestic industry, the talent and technology of Turkish engineering, the hard work and great effort of Turkish workers as capital, has become the choice of especially public institutions by producing fast and practical solutions. We contribute to the country's economy by exporting to more than 50 countries with an annual production of more than 100,000.

About us Since its establishment in 2000, Bortek continues to offer effective and fast solutions to the sector with all the repair equipment it needs.

While the repair of faults in water, natural gas and oil pipelines is an expensive and difficult process, with the widespread use of Easy Repair Clamps, public institutions, ship sector and private sector companies have been saved from a heavy cost and the sustainability of infrastructure services has been increased.

Since its establishment, Bortek has intervened in numerous malfunctions and provided significant savings. Repair clamps are flexible clamps made of rubber material suitable for the relevant fluid in stainless steel. They are used for fast, easy and permanent repair of worn, damaged or broken pipes. Its flexible structure reduces vibrations that may occur during soil movements.

Our Mission It is to leave a more livable world to future generations by helping to use our natural resources more efficiently.

Our Vision To be a company that fights against the current account deficit in the country's economy by exporting to 150 countries around the world in the protection of natural energy resources.